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What is a Womb?

"According to the dictionary, the scientific term for Womb is the Uterus."

The uterus is an inverted pear shape muscular organ of the female reproductive system, located between the bladder and the rectum.

All of this is cool to know, but did you know there is a deeper meaning to the womb?

The Womb is a sacred and powerful space, it is the connection to our entire being as a woman. It holds on to trauma, and often produces untreated emotions. It can be a place of miscarriage, abortion, child loss, or childbirth. Which is the flip side of it, but let’s dig into the unfiltered beauty part of the womb.

1. It connects you to your higher self.

2. It is a pleasurable space.

3. It is the source of potential life.

4. For many it sheds a monthly lining, to create the possibility of a new cycle beginning. For instance, “Out with the old in with new” saying.

5. It produces creativity, joy, and passion.

6. It provides information about yourself rather positive or negative feedback.

7. It is the seed of our femininity, sensuality, and sexuality.

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